CFOflex Parttime CFO

Our solutions

Your CFOflex offers added value services to your company with financial management support or with help on a specific finance project. He can also review the finance department and improve its staff, its position within the company and its effectiveness for the company. Your CFOflex works for a number of companies at the same time. You can benefit from this simultaneous and up-to-date experience. You’ll have access to current market knowledge and benchmarks.

Financial and management support   

Your CFOflex can support you with the following issues:

  • Management information
    • What information is management information
    • Timeliness and accuracy
    • Analyses and conclusions
    • Forecasting
  • Setting up and calculating financial and strategic plans:
    • Strategic plans
    • Project plans
    • Investment proposals
  • Sparring and business partner for the Board of Management
  • Reporting and communicating with the Supervisory Board and shareholders
  • Senior partner for banks and external accountants 
  • Implement and improve a planning & control cycle 
  • Effective and reliable accounting and internal controls
  • Project control
  • Cash flow management

Finance projects

Your CFOflex can support several finance projects, for instance:

  • (Re-)financing
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Merging separate business units
  • Implementing ERP or Financial software
  • Implementing new pension plans

Finance department


Your CFOflex brings your finance department to the next level:

  • Appropriate staffing with a clear organization
  • In- or outsourcing of certain activities
  • Optimal usage of financial systems
  • Recruitment of financial staff
  • Improve the output of the department